Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Séréane & François-Xavier - Le Marais - Paris

Séréane 19 - Business School student (ISTEC)

Dress/Robe: ZARA
Legging/Sac/shoes: Chinese shops (République, Châtelet)
Watch/Montre: from Roland Garros
Earrings/Bloucles: Gift from my mother
Perfume/Parfum: "Sexy Love" by YSL
For me Fashion is a pleasure
My look is like going to the beach.

François-Xavier 18 - Business School student (ISTEC)

Shirt/Chemise: CHEAP MONDAY
Bag/Sac: Japanese brand
Necklace/Collier: PILGRIM
Shoes/Chaussures: ZARA
Glasses/Lunettes: Wayfarer of RAYBAN
Perfume/Parfum: "Antidote" By VICTOR&ROLF
Watch/Montre: DOLCE&GABANA
Last book: "Bye Bye Blondie" by Virginie Despentes
Fashion is a personal style. My look is soft Rebel&Rock